Our customer’s satisfaction with all of our products and their related services is our first priority – we stand behind and support all of the products with one of the best guarantees in the industry. We want to get the best of our customers support, in a good way and manage their services to keep in-hand solutions. So, if any of our related customers not satisfied with your service and support related to the product, they are free to contact Google Online Support and our team of experts does everything that can make it resolve on time.

Our Services

We guarantee to get services provided to you by our customer support executives over the phone or chat as per the case mentioned. However, for online technical issues for the application, our service guarantee is only valid if the solution of application for your product is installed or updated during the support or before you again connect to the device. 

While obtaining our services

  • Make yourself cooperate with us
  • Data backup for the software
  • Security for the account password

These are some basic procedure that our customers follow to resolve their issues. And we make the users get their solution in-hand when they require. 

Notice:- Google+ shut down on 2nd April, 2019

Google is completely shutting down Google+ services for the users. All the users were given the declared date till 2nd April, 2019 to save their photos, data, and documents. Afterword, Google will be deleted. However, the other Google services will be same such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, Hangout, and more.