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Everyone knows about Google, it is the most powerful company in the world. It was founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998 and it has become the most widely used web search engine.
Google is multinational technology Provider Company of America, who is specialist in internet services and products like -Online advertising technologies, Search engine; Cloud computing, Hardware, internet analytics, web app, and operating system development. More than 70% of search is handling by Google over the world, it began online search platform and offers the best products and services to their users.

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Google provides an immediate solution to their customer, people usually having issues in software. Our experts are available for 24*7 to solve issues for their customer; there are multiple issues which users are facing in Google. Let's discuss:-

  • Gmail account login
  • How to fill information in Google my business.
  • How to create Google documents
  • How to get an extension for chrome
  • Install chrome
  • How to setup G Suite
  • Reset password of Google account
  • Download application from Google play store.
  • Issues in recovery emails
  • Data storage issues in Google drive
  • Unable send and received a message in the hangout

These are common problems which users mainly face. We helps in resolving any type of issues in Gmail, G Suite, Google drive, Google my business, YouTube, Google map. We are providing Google services in all cities of New Zealand country-Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga, Napier/ Hastings, Dunedin, Palmerston North and many more. Anytime, anywhere one call can solve your technical issues in Google connect with us at Google Contact Support Number New Zealand +64-09889-2002.

Most popular products of Google:-

Google is one of the biggest brands in the world, most popular for web search engine. Google browser is automatically installed in every system. Google control the lives of everyone on the internet, its product and services are extremely good. You get an accurate answer from Google search result page.
Most of the product and services are related to the internet, Google always creates innovative product and services for their users. If you face any trouble in its product and services, call at Google Technical Support Number New Zealand +64-09889-2002. Here is the list of Google Products:

  • Google search engine
  • Google Chrome
  • Gmail
  • Android
  • YouTube
  • Google Adsense
  • Google drive
  • Google my business
  • Google ad words
  • Google pixel
  • Chrome book
  • Google public DNS
  • Google news
  • Google plus
  • Blogger
  • Google documents
  • Google books
  • Google translate
  • G Suite
  • Google account

Get instant solution for Google services:-

Google has focused on perfect services Provider Company; they regularly update new features in their product and services. Some product and services of Google are free and some are paid. There are some services for which we provide support to our potential and new customer; for that you can just dial Google Helpline Number New Zealand +64-09889-2002.

G Suite

G Suite is cloud computing, collaboration tool, productivity software which is developed by Google. It was launched on 28, August 2006 by Google. It is known as Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Your Domain. G Suite basically works for professional emails, sheets, slides, and hangout, Google plus, sites, forms, contact number, calendar events, video meeting and many more tasks. The common issues in G Suite account are:-

  • Email account access issues
  • Syncing issues
  • Unable to create an event
  • Unable to receive emails
  • Wrong username and password
  • Failed to register
  • Google verification

  • Forgotten password
  • Auto-renew G Suite account
  • Unable to retrieve G Suite account
  • Billing issues
  • How to migrate existing email account and G Suite account
  • Change domain name association with G Suite account

Google Chrome

Chrome is a free internet browser which is developed by Google; it was launched by Google on 11 December 2008. Chrome works quite good as like other services of Google like Gmail and YouTube. It can manage its internal system resources differently than any other browsers. Sometimes user faces difficulty in using chrome that are as follows:-

  • Updating Google Chrome
  • Advance setting
  • Audio not working
  • Reset setting of Google Chrome
  • Clear cache
  • Frozen tab or window

  • Chrome clean-up tool
  • Fix protected system files
  • Issues in deleting a user profile
  • How to delete web data file
  • Issues in deleting extensions
  • Edit chrome flags
  • Flash is disable


Gmail is free software, advertising-supported email services which is developed by Google. Users can easily access Gmail on the web browser or mobile. It is a multi-feature communication tool who can store data and easily install in the device. Some technical fault which can occur with the user while operating his Gmail account are discussed below:-

  • Login issues
  • Change the password
  • Old password not working
  • Change profile picture
  • Spam folder not open
  • Unable to send mail
  • Username wrong
  • Do not access Gmail account

  • Creating a new account
  • Installation issues in Mac or android
  • Bulk deletes option not working
  • The advance setting of Gmail account
  • Mails are not receiving
  • The system does not support the Gmail application
  • Signup issues

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Google my business

Google my business is a free tool for business and organization to make their online presence in search engine. You can easily verify your business location, fill and update business information. The customer can find you and put their review about your product and services. This tool of Google is helping small business a lot. Benefits of using Google my business are: it manages your business information, facilitate easy interaction between seller and buyer and expand your business locally. Common issues users facing while using Google My Business are:-

  • Unable to verify the business.
  • Edit information error
  • Unable to update the business logo.
  • Login error.
  • Information updates issues.
  • How to manage to list.
  • Common formatting issues [postal code, mobile number, country code]
  • Location issues.
  • Ineligible business models.
  • Error in update website URL.
  • Business name issues.[long name or short name]

Google Drive

Google drive is the best software of Google; you can secure your data in the Google drive. It is a cloud storage service which is developed by Google on April 12, 2012. It allows users to store file, sync files, edit and share files. It has an application which you can easily access in android or Mac. Google drive includes Docs, sheet, slides, office suite, and also give permission to edit documents, spreadsheets, presentation, drawing, forms and many more. While using Google drive there are some technical issues that can occur, let us discuss:

  • File not sync.
  • Backup issues.
  • Disconnect account.
  • Authorization failure

  • Error to link files to Google documents
  • Storage issue
  • Invalid document format
  • Do not have a view, edit and share files.


Everyone knows about YouTube, it is the platform where you can easily view and share your video. It is acquired by Google in 2006, it is popular video sharing and watching website and also embeds your website HTML code in a video description, where you can easily get register and share your video. It is free video hosting software. Let us discuss common issues users having while using YouTube:-

  • Sign in and sign out issues
  • Error in uploading video
  • loading error
  • Disable or enable restricted mode
  • Unable to sign up YouTube account
  • Unable to save videos in the library

  • Set up and manage the accounting program
  • Privacy and security issues
  • Inbox message
  • Manage the channels issue
  • Error messages of downloading videos

Google Play Store

Google play store is an online store for downloading application like game, social media, music, e-book, education, photo editing, magazines, movies, television programs and many more. It only appears in the Android operating system. In Google play store you can easily download your favorite application; it is either free of cost or chargeable. Technical issues in the Google play store are:-

  • Play store won’t open, load or install.
  • Suddenly the application is stopped.
  • Play store account did not link to Google account.
  • Server error
  • Google play store update issues

  • Installation pending
  • Cannot download the application in play store
  • Sign in issues
  • Creating new account issues
  • Google play store not setup

Above we have discussed Google services and their related issues which frequently faced by its users. Having issues in any software is common problem if anybody having these kinds of issues; they can call at Google Support Number New Zealand +64-09889-2002 to get instant solutions. Our main aim is to satisfy our customers with our great services and efficient guidance.

Notice:- Google+ shut down on 2nd April, 2019

Google is completely shutting down Google+ services for the users. All the users were given the declared date till 2nd April, 2019 to save their photos, data, and documents. Afterword, Google will be deleted. However, the other Google services will be same such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, Hangout, and more.